Spawn Seed Alien Pod

Let xenomorphic death dominate the battlefield!  Perfect for use as a troop carrier, terrain piece, or giant slimy objective for your favorite awful alien army in nearly any space wargame.

The kit is sold in 2 options, Deluxe (with spikes, tentacles and claws) and Basic (with spikes only).

Measures 5.75" tall (including spines), 4" across at the widest, and a 3.5" footprint.  The body design incorporates modular attachment points for spikes, tentacles and claws which you can assemble to your preference.  Includes tension pins which allow you to drill/pin the arms securely in place, and also remove them for travel.  

Cast in high quality gray resin.  All models are supplied unpainted.  This is not a toy, not intended for children under 12 years of age. Assembly and preparations required, please see Resin Modeling Tips for instructions.

Photo model painted by Robert S. Martin Jr.