March 19, 2015

My Second Interview on The Independent Characters!

I'm very happy to have had another chance to be on the show!  It so happened that I was rolling through the California Bay Area, and met up with Carl for a great lunch and a kind interview!  There aren't many episodes of the IC left, it will be missed greatly!



March 19, 2015

WarGamma on Chilling Wargamers

This is from awhile ago... it's a lot of fun to chill with Andy, Spud and Piotr!  We talk a lot about the art of miniatures... and not just mine!  Also, the ubiquitous chicken!

April 29, 2014

From Adepticon 2014: Interview with Chung of Wargamers Consortium!

Sorry if I was not fully on my best interviewing game here, I was sooo tired that weekend!

Check out their massive news site at!