Linked Barricade Set - Star Pharaoh

The Star Pharaoh are a mysterious and ancient army of god-like techno beings who travel the galaxy, subjugating lesser species to their will!  Their design philosophy is oddly reminiscent of ancient Earth cultures.  Could these domineering overlords be the progenitors of our culture??

Modular rapid-deployment fortifications for holding your line in nearly any 28mm battle! Choose from several designs to suit the origins of your army.  Set includes 12 large shields (2" wide) and 4 connector walls.  Covers nearly a 30" line!  Set also includes a matching multi-gun turret.

Cast in high quality gray resin.  All models are supplied unpainted.  This is not a toy, not intended for children under 12 years of age. Assembly and preparations required, please see Resin Modeling Tips for instructions.