Bases - 32mm Adaptors (10 pcs) for 25mm Round Bases

Here's the easy and safe way to upgrade your treasured 25mm-based miniatures  Cracking the base off a well-pinned or slotted figure is difficult and risky!  Instead, simply drop your figure into one of our adaptors, then glue, fill and ballast.

Regarding the height effect of the adaptors on your minis-- The nested base is a tad taller. The overall height gain to your mini will be approx. 1mm.  After several trials, I decided that the inclusion of a 'floor' inside the base was the best way to go for security. This contains the glue and ballast fill, and helps prevent the inner base from breaking out and dropping through an open ring (especially considering the weight of many of the metal minis). It also allowed a slightly larger hole, giving you a bit of 'wiggle room' in case of an irregularly large base, or if you wish to offset your mini slightly.  If you prefer a base with no height gain, it's possible to remove the floor (which can be cut out easily) and sand either the top, or bottom lip against a flat of sandpaper. I felt that if one base style were offered, it was easier to remover the floor, for those who didn't want it, rather than to add the floor for those who did.

Cast in high quality gray resin.  All bases are supplied unpainted.  Some cleaning and preparations are required, please see Resin Modeling Tips for instructions!