Brutal Giant Champion

A cruel titan looms over the battlefield.  His mind is twisted, and his body wracked by demonic influence.  He adorns his harness with heads plucked from the rabble of his lesser conquests-- those he trampled underfoot, or felled with his mighty cleaver.  His long shadow is death.

Two weapon options are included: a large cleaving sword, and morning-star mace weapon.  Also includes 4 different trophy heads to decorate the figure. 

Consists of 15+ parts, including custom 50mm square base.  Assembled figure stands 4 3/4" tall (12 cm) or 5" tall with base.  

Photo model painted by Shawn Hendrix.

Cast in high quality gray resin.  All models are supplied unpainted.  This is not a toy, not intended for children under 12 years of age. Assembly and preparations required, please see Resin Modeling Tips for instructions.