Mecha Arachnoid


A calculating, evil intelligence is installed into a metal frame, fashioned after a gigantic walking crab.  Its deathly grin and cold, scanning eyes strike horror into the souls of the most hardened soldiers.

Features 4 hot-swappable forearms with durable joints, which are removable-- and even reposeable!  The 6 legs may also be attached (permanently) in numerous positions for maximum posing options.  

Model consists of 26 parts, plus custom 60mm round base and ample clear acrylic support rod for posing attached to base, or elevated (jumping, flying etc).  Model stands approx 2" tall when affixed to base (or taller if mounted on acrylic rod).  Legspan is up to 3"+, depending on the pose. 

Cast in high quality gray resin.  All models are supplied unpainted.  This is not a toy, not intended for children under 12 years of age. Assembly and preparations required, please see Resin Modeling Tips for instructions.